• […] How do you know if your using one of these shampoos or conditioners? Well, if it cost you $6 or less..your using them! And if it costs YOU $6, it probably cost them $1 to make…think about it.I try to put ALL of my blondies on a proper regiment, I suggest to them what shampoo, conditioner, leave in, oils, thermal irons and towels to use on their hair and I send them detailed text messages describing how I suggest to use them all. Whether they listen or not is up to them, after all we are all grown and do what whatever we want. For recommended products please see my 7 step hair care regiment here! […]

  • […] THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL OF SILKY STRANDS!!! I wish I was lying to y’all but i’m not. ITS ON SALE RIGHT NOW TOO!! $9 off!!! Get details of how to apply the product properly here! […]

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