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What to Expect during your appointment

To everyone who has supported me through this time, I can not thank you enough!

As you may know, I am now the owner of Salon Thirty-Seven, a salon studio located inside the Jovance location in Pinole.

The studio is solely occupied by me, thus, no other stylists, visitors or clients will be there during your appointment.

Over the last few months I have taken advanced sanitation courses and invested in the highest quality disinfectants to use in the salon. After each guest leaves the salon, every nook, cranny and tool is cleansed, sanitized and disinfected to prepare for the next guest. Below you will find the guidelines that are REQUIRED by each guest in order to receive service;



Before you arrive, I will be sending you a waiver that MUST be completed with NO red flags in order for you to enter the salon. If you are feeling ill or have been around someone who is sick or feeling sick at ALL ,please notify me so that we can reschedule when it’s safe.

Can I bring a drink or snack?

Unfortunately, at this moment, snacks and beverages will NOT be allowed to be consumed inside of the salon at ANY POINT during the service.
The mouth AND nose must remain covered the entire visit.

Upon Arrival

When you arrive, you are welcome to park in the side parking lot closest to the old Tropical smoothie. Text or call me when you arrive and I will meet you at the side door. Upon entering your temperature will be taken and must be below 100.4 in order to receive service. Also, MASKS ARE REQUIRED to remain on throughout the ENTIRE service.

What if I have a condition not allowing me to wear a mask?

While I COMPLETELY understand and feel for you, I can not allow anyone to be in the salon without a face covering. If you need to step out during the service for air, or to take medicine, you are more than welcome. However, while you are inside the salon, your mouth and nose must remain covered.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

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